Catpet Couture

Weaving procedure

Broadly speaking, there are 3 types of carpets – handmade carpets- hand-tufted carpets and hand-woven/hand hooked hand-knotted carpets and machine made. Incarpets, this classification is vital and means everything.

Machine-made carpets could be very beautiful and rather functional, however they are not appropriately as good as to a hand-made rug of any range, and like most bulk-produced home furnishings are not by and large regarded to be collectibles. One can identify a machine-made rug by checking the fringes, if it is sewn onto the carpet, the throw is machine-made.

Hand-tufted rugs employ the use of a hand tufting gun to shoot bunches of wool all the way through a canvas cloth backing which has a pattern draft onto it. Not even a single knot is tied in the woollen fibres, in fact a rubber backing is pasted over the flipside of the carpet to hold the unsecured yarn fibers from falling out. Hand tufted rugs lack intrinsic value. A tufted rug is simple to identify by the “backing” on the backside of the rug. Hand-made rug will never have any kind of backing.

The descriptions “hand-woven” and “handmade” are set aside for carpets that are made exclusively by hand. In both the kind of carpets, a set of upright strings/warp is tautened onto a loom. Then yarn of different kinds like wool, silk, etc. is hand-knotted on top of the warp strings forming the “weft” of the carpet.

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