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What are flatweaves?

Have you heard of Kilims, Sumaks, Dhurries, Aubussons, needlepoint? These well recognized rugs are categorised as flat weaves as they are flat in appearance and generally lighter in weight than the knotted rugs. Contrary to the knotted rugs Flat weave rugs lack pile as they are woven on a loom. And they can be made from raw materials sourced from plants or animals and also synthetic ones. The nature of the manufacturing technique makes them ideal for summers. Knotted carpets are thicker, really good insulators and more or less not as flexibly used as flat weaves. Flat weaves being thinner are more versatile in their usage, for centuries they have been used not only for soft furnishing the floors but also for cladding walls, prayer rugs, rug mats etc. Also they are mostly reversible; making the pattern visible on both the sides of the rug. The Middle East is well-known for its produce of flat weave rugs which are either hand crafted or machine crafted to make them affordable and for faster production. In fact the vintage period rugs sourced from Middle East are treated as collectibles by owners and sold at very high prices.

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