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What makes Polyester Carpets so admirable?

Polyester is a well-liked and accepted synthetic fibre used in carpets. They might not be collectibles but are definitely appealing and easy on your pocket. It is more reasonably priced than nylon and it once had a repute of being a poor quality fabric. In the last few decades, the quality of polyester fibre has been enhanced significantly. It has its own advantages and can characterize an outstanding value for particular applications. Here are some pros and cons of polyester Fibre Carpets:

Advantages of Polyester carpets:

  • Polyester carpets look gorgeous when new especially because they can be dyed into a variety of rich, vibrant colours.
  • Polyester fibre is a good option for users who are at risk to allergies.
  • The polyester fibres feel ultra-luxurious when feel them with your hands deep in the pile.
  • Polyester is a synthetic fibre that exhibits tremendous colourfast properties.
  • It does not hold on to moisture and dries quickly.
  • It is relatively easy to clean.
  • It is economically priced.

Drawbacks of polyester fibre carpets:

  • It is easily affected by traffic and gets easily damaged. Polyester carpets are vulnerable to wearing and traffic patterns. When tangled, the carpet is not easy to do up.
  • It is not resistant to oil stains.
  • Pilling is common problem associated with polyester carpets

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