Bamboo Silk also called as Bamboo viscose

Why is Bamboo Silk also called as Bamboo viscose?

Bamboo Silk not just looks like silk but also has alike texture. However, bamboo silk is a reasonable alternative of natural silk. Bamboo as a plant is extremely sustainable and so is the fabric as compared to natural silk. Bamboo Silk is a kind of viscose as both are made from the phloem part of the tree. Both Bamboo silk and viscose are made of cellulose. Even the process of making the fibre is similar in both the cases. The only difference is that viscose was as a matter of course made from wood cellulose while Bamboo silk was made from bamboo tree cellulose. In both cases the woody part of the tree is treated to break the outer walls into a soggy material so that the fibre can be disentangled and spun into yarn after being combined with other components. Hence Bamboo silk shares a lot in common with Viscose.

One thought on “Why is Bamboo Silk also called as Bamboo viscose?

  1. Dr UN Nandakumar

    Great. As an ecofriendly product which can help the whole world to be resilient to climate change, carbon negative, quite attractive and fashionable Bamboo silk is quite smart for the whole world both rich as well as poor.


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