Woolen Rugs VS Cotton Rugs

Woolen Rugs VS Cotton Rugs

Rugs have always added to the aesthetic value of homes. It may seem like an easy task to pick out the best rug for your home. You may think all you need to do is pick out the correct size and colour. However, apart from the colour and size, an important feature of the rug is the material. The most common confusion being the choice between wool and cotton. Let’s take a closer look at the features of both wool and cotton rugs.

Wool rugs

Wool is usually the most preferred rug choice among homeowners mainly because of its durability. The wool fibre is very versatile and thus the colour options are unending. The wear and tear of a woolen rug takes a while, making it look brand new for a long time. Homes with busy schedules and constant hustle and bustle can opt for woolen rugs. Also, if you are a clumsy person or have kids in the house, wool is definitely the better choice since it takes time to absorb moisture. So, if any liquid is spilled, you can clean it up quickly and be sure that there won’t be any permanent stain or damage. They suit family homes also because they don’t cause any allergies, and are fire and mould resistant. Woolen rugs are available in thick and flat weave, the flat one being easy to clean and the thick one possibly needing professional cleaning. They can add an elegant feel to the living room, bedroom or the hallway. Wool is a natural and renewable resource which makes these rugs environment friendly. They can be on the expensive side but it’s worth it since it comes with a whole lot of benefits.

Cotton rugs

The cotton fiber also dyes easily and is thus available in endless colours. They are fairly durable but aren’t as durable as wool, so it isn’t recommended for households that have young kids. Maintaining a cotton rug is easy since it can be machine washed and there’s no need for professional clean ups. Of course, you have to be careful to not wash it very often as the fiber is not as strong as wool. The wear and tear is pretty quick when it comes to cotton rugs. This is why it isn’t recommended for households that are very chaotic. They are cheaper than woolen rugs and have a modern yet casual look that will be perfect for couples or individuals on a budget. They will also look great in kitchens, kids’ rooms and casual spaces. Cotton rugs are also soft, comfortable, biodegradable and environment friendly making them a good choice holistically.

Both rugs have similarities in terms of colours, comfort and being eco-friendly. You can decide which suits the aesthetics of your home and accordingly make the choice between wool and cotton.

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