Crochet rugs, large rugs, throw rugs

Woven with a country charm!

Crochet rugs in the form of large rugs or throw rugs offer a special country charm and thrive in the hearts of people who fancy country decor in their homes. Not only it is considered to be a great method for making the best use of old worn out or scraps of cloth, but is also eco friendly.

Back in the day, these rugs were created in grandmother’s day to utilize odds and ends of fabric and tattered clothing. The ladies started with scrounging material from here there and everywhere and then sorting it all out. The fabric was cut into fine strips and then sewn together, and then turned round into balls of weaving fabric. When there was sufficient material collected, it would be crocheted into multicolored rag rugs. This hobby was something that became a big hit with just about every frugal homemaker. Moreover, it is the ideal fabric recycling project finished in little time that can be undertaken!
Recycle old Clothes
Crochet projects have been running in many villages adopted by NGOs to give employment to the unprivileged and needy class. Once they learn the basics, the artisans can craft loads of other stuffs with these fabric balls like large rugs, runner rugs or even placemats, totebags coasters, footmats etc. The opportunities and scope is endless, all you need is a wild imagination and willingness to explore!

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