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Carpets run in my blood. While I spent most of my childhood in boarding schools all my holidays were spent playing on carpet rolls in my Dad's warehosue.
I am one of those lucky ones who loves her job and I can talk about it endlessly.
When I am not working I like to be with my daughters & I love to travel with my husband. I also have a passion for astronomy and I have a telescope in my bedroom. I can look at the stars , planets & the moon endlessly. My dream is to look at the earth from a spaceship.
Rashi Bajaj
(Principle Designer)

Arnab Roy

After an Engineering and a MBA degree with no background in Carpets, fate brought me to Bhadohi where I started my career in production of Handmade Carpets.
After getting an in depth view of the processes involved in making these handmade masterpieces, I moved to Delhi and switched lanes to marketing these rugs worldwide.
A decade later, I still feel fortunate to be able to interact with people across the globe everyday. When not living & breathing carpets, I feed and take care of stray dogs around my tenement and work on rescues & rehabilitation of abandoned dogs.
Arnab Roy
(General Manager)

Bhawna Vidhani

I have always catered to my work with full responsibility and dedication. In my free time, I love to spend time playing with my daughter.
I always believe that no matter what life throws to you ,one should always take it as challenge and fight back.
Always eager to complete the assigned task in the given timeframe.
“Developing a good work ethic is key. Apply yourself at whatever you do.”
Bhawna Vidhani

Appoorva Mehra

After earning my graduation degree in interior design, I entered the real world to explore my passion for designing.
I take pride in providing best services to my customers and building long term healthy & professional relationship with them. I keep refreshing my ideas constantly to provide best options suited as per individual. Doing things differently has always been my style.
When I'm not keeping busy with my work, you can find me watching movies or grooving to music. I believe in "Be strong, Be Different, Be You“
Appoorva Mehra
(Project Manager)

Darshana Jain

Born and brought up in Kanpur , I was always intrigued to break my comfort zone and learn something new and meet new people.
Reading books and interacting with people runs in my blood.
Strongly believes in what you sow , you reap.
“Those who don’t believe in the power of magic , will never find one”
Darshana Jain
(Communication Manager)

Divya Sharma

In my childhood my father used to make me learn how to keep challenging my skills to make it better each and every day making me grow in a definite manner. Since then I have been practicing it with shear determination and that is what leads to perfection in my work and personal life.
Being a believer in positive energies, I am always keen to find out the best solution possible for everything. Helping others and bringing smile on others face is what I believe in.
In my free time I like to study psychology and introspect myself to make a better human being everyday.
Divya Sharma
(Designer and Photographer)

Shiv Bhola

I am a carpet designer from last 20 years , I am so passionate about the new designs and keep looking for inspirations.
It gives me immense pleasure to keep coming with new designs and I am always eager to learn new things.
I believe in hard work and no matter what the situation is never back down!
Shiv Bhola
(CAD Designer)

Alok Yadav

I am a humble person who deals with every situation with smile on my face . Highly motivated to do my task , I love doing digital marketing.
I feel attached to my roots and when I am free , I love teaching my son.
I believe in the power of smart work and likes to surf internet a lot.
Alok Yadav
(Digital Marketing Manager)

Shreya Voothaluru

I'm always on the lookout for fresh ideas, inventions, and fashion news.
I realised in high school that engineering was not my cup of tea and began exploring for opportunities in other fields. I've always admired the transformative potential of thoughtful design. Whether it's streamlining a sample or developing problem-solving sustainable textile techniques, I enjoy working on projects that make people happy.
Regardless of the scale. "Thinking is the capital, enterprise is the way, Hard-work is the solution ~ APJ ABDUL KALAM " I believe.
Shreya Voothaluru




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