Carpet, Rug manufacturers in Bhadohi, Uttar Pradesh, India

Bhadohi is the carpet city of India, and boasts of the largest number of hand knotted carpets in the entire South Asia. Background of the vintage carpet manufacturing city of Bhadohi: It is also known by the name Sant Ravidas Nagar District was segregated from the main city of Banaras (revered as the city of Lord Shiva) in 1994. The art of Carpet weaving in this region goes back to the 16th century, at some point in the supremacy of the famous Mughal Emperor Akbar. It is assumed that rug weaving in this region was set up ages ago by Persian master weavers while passing through the Indian subcontinent, stopped over at Madhosingh villag in Bhadohi and setting up looms out there.

The Bhadohi-Mirzapur area is the largest handmade rug-weaving cluster, employs approximately 3.2 million people in the industry. Bhadohi single-handedly engages more than 20 lakh village artisans. The region got its existence as a carpet manufacturing district, holding on to its artistic heritage. It is an ancestral and historical setting because of the acclaimed world fame. The carpet industry of Bhadohi makes a business of around 600 Cr, out of which 80 Cr goes to Persian Carpet weaving. These carpets are world acclaimed. The price points of the carpet manufacturers in Bhadohi vary from $40nto $400 per sqft depending upon the size and knots of the carpet.

Surprisingly, Bhadohi and its adjoining locations neither have production nor any availability of the raw materials used in carpet making but these are the places where the carpet industry originated and thrived massively. The Carpet city specializes in rug production of a variety of knots and counts for their assorted range and designs and for the mass production of woolen, Tibetan, Tufted rugs and durries. Back in the day, the handmade carpets of Bhadohi drew the attention of art piece connoisseurs in substitute to the carpets made in Persia. That was the sole reason due to which the industry flourished and become the major source of earning for its artisans. At that time the government also gave incentives and opened the weaving centers to train people the skill of carpet weaving who eventually got hired by the carpet, rug manufacturers of Bhadohi once they completed their training.

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